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Affordable Mobile Homes

Relax with the comfort and peace of mind you deserve at Casa de Flores Mobile Home Park in Sacramento, California. As one of the best senior mobile home parks, we offer mobile home space rentals in a quiet and calm community. We are an older park with conditions above any other in the area. With many other parks faring poorly due to the economy, our owner made it through financially very well.

Property Details

Accommodating double- or triple-wide mobile homes, our lots are 50x70 feet. We are unable to accommodate single-wide mobile homes. The rent is $621 per month and includes fees for the space rental, cable television, sewer, water, school tax, storm drains, and garbage. We have one empty lot available.

Each resident is responsible for his or her own landscaping needs and wishes, but most of our retired residents choose to have a low-maintenance environment around their homes. The well-maintained facilities are a real bonus for our residents.

Community Environment

With the contribution of everyone who lives here, we have found we have little to no problems with security, and don’t need it, per se. Everyone who lives here looks out for each other, which makes this a safe environment where you can take walks. Even the senior citizen women who live by themselves feel secure in our community.

Mobile Home - Senior Mobile Home Parks

We require that you have to be at least 55 years old to purchase one of the homes, and at least 45 to live in the mobile home park. Children are not allowed in the mobile homes, but visitors are welcome to stay with tenants for up to 20 days.

Contact us to learn more about our quiet senior mobile home park and mobile home space rentals.